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Thank you! The kitchen looks great! My mom’s neighbors are now interested and I have passed your number on to them!

- E.A.H. on 04/26/2017

I just want to say thank you all so much! Everyone did such a great job! We are SO pleased! I’ll send pictures to you…. I also wanted to give special thanks to “little Steve”. He has worked so hard on our wall. It was long and tedious, I know, but all his hard work paid off… it came out beautifully. I really appreciate all his efforts! And it was completed in time for our big family event this weekend. You don’t know how much this all means to us! Thanks again!

- The "O" Family on 04/26/2017

love my “new” powder room! I missed Leif yesterday; let him know we think he did a great job. It’s always a pleasure working with him.

- J.S on 04/26/2017

My thanks to you and your crew for all of the excellent work you did on my house. I know I pushed the timeline at the wrong time of the year for outside work but you came through beautifully… Thanks so much, and I hope you and your family have a great holiday season!

- L.S. on 04/26/2017

I keep finding "little" things that Leif and Josh did! Just now I saw they replaced the grout on the granite seam behind the faucet. I tried all summer to get someone from a couple of granite companies to come out and polish, refinish, and do some regrouting, and it was impossible. The most urgent thing, which it never occurred to me to ask you to do, was to replace that grout. It was a really nice surprise to find it had been done without my ever even mentioning it! You all are A-#1 in our book, and we will definitely call on you for more work in the future!

- Paula on 04/26/2017

Sean did an excellent job on both ceilings. He is a very nice guy and a real credit to your company!

- Gordon on 04/26/2017

We don’t always see a craftsman who takes pride in his work that you have exhibited during your stay with us. We wanted to say thank you and express our appreciation

- Mike and Celeste on 04/26/2017

Thank you for the great job you did in my condo. I really like how it opens up those rooms. I will keep your number in case I need more work done. I will also recommend you. Thanks again

- Teddi on 04/26/2017

We were shopping around for our front walkway and a back yard patio around a fireplace. OTC was wonderful to us! I work long hours so we could go to their outdoor samples after hours and look at the stamp options and color choices. Sam came out gave us an estimate and he was out daily to check the work and be sure we were happy with the progress. They were very easy to work with based on our schedule. They worked in a timely manner and when the jobs were done they cleaned and power washed any mess they made.

- Megan W on 04/26/2017

I am emailing you to thank OTC for giving our family a beautiful new bathroom. It is one we are certainly proud of and never dreamed we would ever get. My husband says every time he goes in it, he feels as though he is going into someone else\'s bathroom. My family would like to tell you how wonderful Sean, Ben and Josh were while installing our new bathroom. We could not have asked for a more professional and courteous crew. I would like to also thank you for working with our family\'s hectic work schedule. Your company and Lowe\'s worked together as a team to give us a bathroom not only in time for Christmas but also in time for our daughter\'s college graduation. My husband, Curtis, and I have decided to use OTC again to do some electrical work in our kitchen when your workload is slow, possibly in February. We will certainly recommend OTC to anyone looking for a reliable contractor. Curtis has already started making a wish list for things we will need repaired or replaced and you will be asked to do the job. Again, we would like to thank you and all who did our bathroom for doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great service and work.

- L.M. on 04/26/2017

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